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Jupiter will transit house of gains till May 3rd before moving into 12th. Saturn on the other hand will continue to occupy sixth throughout 2012. Mars lord of first will occupy fourth and stay weak till May 26th before gathering strength. It is going to be a better year as far as the career is concerned. Jupiter’s aspect on fifth and seventh will be beneficial. Pending issues related to a child will finally get settled before May 3rd. There will be an increase in the size of family.
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Saturn the Raja Yoga Karka planet will continue to occupy fifth house the friendly sign Virgo throughout the year. Jupiter will occupy tenth house till May 3rd before moving into eleventh. Rahu will occupy eighth house for the whole time. Jupiter will create disturbance in career and you may not approve the way boss will add pressure and workload on you. As they say necessity is the mother of inventions, such unsatisfactory working conditions will make you look around and Saturn will help you locate a better job.
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Ketu will transit over your sign and Saturn will stay in fourth throughout 2012. Jupiter will stay in ninth till May 3rd before moving into tenth. Mars the Red color planet will stay in house of family and finances till May 26th. You will be working extra hard and most of you will travel away from home in connection with work or business. Pay attention to what spouse says and do not be afraid to admit your mistakes other wise family life can get disturbed.
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Mars the Raja yoga karaka planet will stay weak till May 26th. Jupiter will transit eighth house till May 3rd before moving into house of luck for rest of 2012. Saturn will stay in third house. You will be working extra hard for first five months to meet and fulfill your commitments on time. Projects at this point will not give desired returns as estimated earlier but only after June, 2012. Do not feel frustrated and have confidence in your self. You just lack the Midas touch.
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Saturn will stay in second house and continue its last leg of sadhe sati. Jupiter will stay in seventh till May 3rd before moving into eighth. Mars the Raja yoga karaka planet stays weak in 12th before finally gaining strength on May 26th. You will have no choice but to keep pouring in money into your projects or business hoping things to turn around any day. People prone to litigations should not let their guards down even for a minute as Saturn’s transit in house of finances can drain you out through legal procedures. Jupiter’s transit in seventh will be a blessing in this tricky time.
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Saturn will occupy first house and Jupiter will occupy sixth till May 3rd. Rahu will occupy fourth. Of course there is no escape from hard work for you this year. It will be a roller coaster ride. You will be working in a challenging environment. Initially competition will be too much but with hard work and patience you will make it in second half of 2012.
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Saturn will transit twelfth house and Jupiter will stay in fifth till May third. Rahu will transit third house in 2012. Changes in career are certain. There will be major diversification. Some of you will try your hands in total different fields and will be successful. You will largely gain from overseas and number of trips to distant lands will increase too. You will have absolutely no difficulty in raising money for your projects.
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Saturn will transit house of gains with Jupiter in fourth till May 3rd before moving into trine for remainder of 2012. Rahu will transit house of family and finance. Your financial commitments are already on increase. Rahu will make a hole in your pockets and you may have to use your reserves till May 3rd. Once Jupiter moves into fifth, you will be on path of complete recovery. Investments made in early part of 2012 will start turning profitable and otherwise also many other doors to supplement income will open up.
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Jupiter will transit third till May 3rd and then fourth house for remainder of 2012. Rahu will be in first and mars will be strong after May 26th. Saturn will continue is transit in tenth. Money wise it will be a better year by all means. You will start year with a positive trend and will be able to save a lot by the year end.
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Saturn will transit house of luck and Jupiter will stay in house of finances till May 3rd. Rahu will transit twelfth house in 2012. Things will start picking up and moving in positive directions but at a slow and steady speed. You will come out of fear and forget past bad experiences and move on with life. Health, self confidence will improve. Many new doors will open this year and offers you will come across will be better than expectations. You will see lots of money in your bank before the year ends.
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Saturn will transit eighth house, a negative place and Jupiter will transit first before moving into house of finances for remainder of 2012. Ashtam Shani is never considered good. Seems that good deeds performed in the past and blessings of a fatherly figure will come to your rescue and you will definitely survive couple of ugly situations in first half of 2012. Do not put all eggs in one basket and do not risk all you got.
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Jupiter will transit twelfth till May 3rd and first thereafter. Saturn will stay in seventh. Mars will stay in fifth till May 26th before moving into sixth. Things will keep working out in your favor in a mysterious way. There will be changes in career for sure. News will come sudden but you will keep escaping the worst.
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