Free Weekly Horoscope


This is an excellent time for professional advancements, promotions and recognition. At work you will be in the good books of your seniors and you will also benefit monetarily.

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You will be in a commanding position as your confidence and enthusiasm will be high. Important messages should be attended to immediately. You will make financial gains if you get involved in speculation.

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Financial matters demand more attention. You should cut down your expenses on entertainment and shopping. Financial difficulty will even effect your health. Your ability to communicate effectively will help you enhance your reputation and make an invincible mark for yourself.

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Some challenging project will see you express your skills in a very different way. New approach will give you new confidence on which you will build future hopes and dreams. Businessmen and investors will see past investments reaping profits.

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This week's stars seem to be particularly positive. Your positive outlook would impress those around you. Money wise you will do very well this week, business will grow at fast pace and you may be offered a partnership in recently started venture.

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Self-confidence would immensely help in achieving good results at professional front. It is the best time for you to plan something special for your progeny. Finances get a boost especially later in the day.

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You need to sincerely undertake the responsibilities to bring job satisfaction. This is a period to invest with extreme precaution and care. Past investments need another reexamination. Your ability to charm others will put you in the limelight.

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Lucky openings this week for contacts abroad and opportunities for increased earnings are possible. Good financial progress due to gains from rent & other fixed sources of income is indicated. Some pending jobs will be accomplished.

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Make sure your efforts are supplemented by positive thinking at workplace. Professional gains for some bring gains and prosperity. Your new ideas and technical knowledge will make a good impression on others.

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In business you feel the real impact cutthroat competition. New financial schemes will lure to invest money. Keep your focus clear on your goals to reap professional benefits.

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You have a good opportunity to involve yourself in some interesting conversation today. Sincere efforts on your part would considerably improve financial health. Your charisma and glamour will bring you popularity.

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Leadership qualities and ability to understand people would benefit at work. Efforts at family front would enable to bring greater spontaneity and freedom in interaction with others.

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