Rudraksha is a gift of Lord Shiva to mankind. Literally, it means the tears ("Rudra") from the eyes ("Aksha")  of Lord Shiva. Rudrakshas have various "Mukhis" or facets i.e. vertical lines which classify them from 1 to 21 mukhi.  Each Rudraksha bead has a different effect on the wearer depending on the number of mukhis it has.

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Eight Mukhi Indonesian Rudraksha
It represents lord Ganesha and removes all obstacles and confers success in all undertaking ( Riddhi & Siddhi ). It is also the symbol... More
10 points

Nine Mukhi Indonesian Rudraksha
The name of this Rudraksha is Bhairawa. It represents Navdurga, Lord Yama, Navgraha (nine planets). Navnath (Pashupati, Muktinath,... More
15 points

Ten Mukhi Indonesian Rudraksha
The deity is Das-Avtar Vishna where each of ten faces represents one of the Vishnu Avtar. It is believed that the powers of all ten... More
15 points

Eleven Mukhi Indonesian Rudraksha
The deity are the eleven Rudras or Sri hanuman (Rudra Avtar). It confers wisdom, power, public speaking abilities and success in battles... More
19 points

Twelve Mukhi Indonesian Rudraksha
The deity are the Dwadash Adityas (Twelve sun signs) represented by Surya the Sun God. It confers political power, minister ship, headship... More
29 points

Thirteen Mukhi Indonesian Rudraksha
Effects are similar to that of six faced. It represents Lord Indra the Lord of Gods. Wearer is able to enjoy all the earthly pleasures and... More
34 points

Fourteen Mukhi Indonesian Rudraksha
The deities are the jyotirlinga of Lord Shiva. This is considered the most favorite Rudraksha of Lord Shiva. It you get it fortunately it... More
58 points

Fifteen Mukhi Indonesian Rudraksha
Fifteen Mukhi Rudraksha represents Lord Pashupatinath. It is said that the wearer’s power of intuition and sixth sense awakens and... More
59 points

Sixteen Mukhi Indonesian Rudraksha
Sixteen Mukhi Rudraksha is called Jai (victory) Rudraksha and the wearer attains victory at all levels. It is said that it helps the... More
93 points

Seventeen Mukhi Indonesian Rudraksha
Seventeen-faced Rudraksha represents Lord Vishvakarma the builder of the materialistic world. This Rudraksha removes all sins done in the... More
185 points

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