Kaal Sarp Dosha

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A Kaal Sarp Yoga is formed in a horoscope when all the seven planets, i.e. Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn are placed in between the Rahu and Ketu. This is supposed to be a very bad Yoga as per astrology and if someone is having such a Kaal Sarp Yoga in his/her horoscope it call for a perfect and accurate remedial measure to be taken otherwise the native suffers throughout the life. All his progress is hindered, big opportunities lost and even the family of such a person suffers due to this Kaal Sarp Dosha in his/her horoscope


Kaal Sarp Dosh
  Kaal Sarp Dosha are of 12 types depending upon the situation of Rahu and Ketu in various houses of the horoscope. They are as follows :-... More



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